We look forward to providing the most relaxed and spacious enviornment for our Sponsors. We understand that reviewing our research is critical and we have expanded our office space to incorporate a separate review office and work room for your working needs.

Our Site Capabilities

  • Patient Waiting Area
  • Examination Rooms
  • Secure I.P. Rooms
  • Monitor's Office'
  • Facsimile, Document Copiers & Scanners
  • RefrigeratedCentrifuge
  • Temperature Regulated Refrigerators and -20 and -70 Freezers
  • Temperature Controlled Secured Document Storage
  • Phlebotomy Department
  • Coordinator/Monitor Area
  • Administrative Area
  • Break Room
  • Computer, Copiers, Fax, & Scanners
  • Broadband/DSL (Site & Monitor Use)
  • Ability to use Central IRB
  • EKG Machines
  • Recruitment and Database Software
  • Dry Ice Availability

Why Choose Us

Auditor Office Space:

We understand that reviewing our research is a sensitive issue, that's why we provide a spacious enviornment to go through all records.

Regulatory Department:

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in conducting Phase II thru IV clinical studies. Our commitment to maintain high ethical and professional standards provides an assurance to our sponsor's and CRO's that we will continue to adhere to the principles of Good Clinical Practices (GCP), remain procedurally compliant with the regulatory requirements to provide our sponsors with accurate and reliable data to facilitate the drug development process.

Recruitment Department:

Our staff utilize various resources to market our clinical trials and for succesful patient recruitment. We are routinely liaison with our network of physicians, utilize advertising agencies for national and local media publicity, launch direct mail, text messaging, and email campaigns as well as participate in community and healthcare related special events to attract patients for specific therapeutics areas. We also selectively query a research database with over 10,000 subjects.